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RSP Fire Protection

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RSP Fire Protection cleans hoods in commercial kitchens of the greater Charleston, WV area. Required by the state, periodic cleaning of your hood will improve the fire safety of your establishment. Our technicians will clean your hood thoroughly so that you can safely operate the full term of the mandatory period without having to call a cleaning service early.

Our Hood Cleaning Services Include:

  • Hood inspection
  • Vent and exhaust cleaning
  • Hood fire suppression system installation and repair

Known for their prompt, courteous service, our professionals will leave the kitchen area around the hood as clean or cleaner than when they found it. Serving restaurants and other state-certified kitchens, we are available 7 days a week for your convenience. When your property’s safety is on the line, call the company with 25 years of experience to protect it.

We also install kitchen fire suppression systems. Traditional water sprinkler systems are ineffective against kitchen fires burning grease or gas as their fuel. We suggest using a special foam that will float on top of grease fires, and installing an automatic shut-off valve in your gas lines. Grandfathered sprinklers are beginning to lose their protected status, so call us today and have us install a newer, safer system.

Contact RSP Fire Protection today at 304-757-8063 for a free estimate, or browse the website for more information about fire extinguishers or sprinkler maintenance.

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